Do you know of children who grind their teeth or snore while they sleep and their parents don’t know why?

And when they ask their dentist or pediatrician they are told they will eventually grow out of it?

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Are you a mother struggling with your children's eating, behavior and sleeping problems?

Are you having a hard time figuring out why your child's grades have dropped and why they are tired all the time?

Do you feel like orthodontic treatment might have been a mistake, but have no idea where to turn? 

As a dental hygienist, I have seen thousands of patients suffer from long-term consequences of conventional orthodontic interventions. These patients often resort to expensive re-treatment, when a simple, natural therapeutic solution is available.  Partnering with a team of Integrative Orthodontists and Dentists, we use Orofacial Myology (OM), breathing analysis,emotional balancing, posture, nutrition and sleep habits to address the ROOT cause of crooked teeth.  In doing so, orthodontics becomes a health service rather than just an esthetic service.

Let me show you natural ways to correct the imbalance in your child’s mouth and breathing so that their muscles help them develop beautiful, stable faces.

The goals of the OM and the Integrative Orthodontist are the same:

  • Good nasal breathing
  • Lips together
  • Tongue resting on the palate
  • No movement of the lips, cheeks, chin or head on swallowing

OM can be critical in helping the orthodontist. It can help the patient before, during or after orthodontic therapy. It helps the teeth straighten better and it helps them stay straight.

OM is meant to improve the muscles that guide the teeth and face growth and perhaps avoid the need for traditional orthodontics, saving your family time, money, and pain. It makes children's socialization easier, improves their eating and sleeping habits, and makes them the best version of themselves.

HH Wellness’ OM services offer a personalized process where your child works together with me to improve breathing, chewing, head posture and tongue position  by:

  • breaking down complex movements into very basic muscle activities,
  • combine basic movements into balanced, coordinated functions
  • make these new functions a habit.

By following the program protocols,  children will:

  • Reclaim the genetic beauty of their faces and teeth
  • Reduce the need for complex orthodontic or surgical procedures (if started early enough)
  • Make improvements to habits that will last them their lives

Now that you understand the difference, how do you go about choosing? 

Take these steps:

1. Do your own research.  Learn the difference between Integrative and Conventional Orthodontics by reviewing this website (get a cup of tea and set a spell…) See summary here 

2. Define the problem.  Look at this list of issues that may indicate an imbalance bigger than just crooked teeth (the Signs and Symptoms Checklist)

3. Visit the office of your choice.  Have one or more orthodontists do a screening exam, usually at no charge, to get an opinion.

4. Choose a team that works together with HH Wellness   

5. Know how to prepare helping your child. (Myofunctional Fees and Arrangements)

Work With Alyse (In-Person or Online)


OMD refers to abnormal resting posture of the orofacial musculature, atypical chewing, and swallowing patterns, dental malocclusions, blocked nasal airways, and speech problems.  OMD's are patterns involving oral and/or orofacial musculature that interferes with normal growth, development, or function of structures, or calls attention to itself. OMD's are found in both children and adults. OMD's that are commonly seen in children include tongue thrust that is also known as swallowing with an anterior tongue posture. OMD also refers to factors such as nonnutritive sucking behaviors, such as thumb sucking, clenching, bruxing, etc. that lead to abnormal development of dentition and oral cavity. Left untreated, a distressed child may have behavioral changes, poor grades in school, and  daytime sleepiness. OMD's in adult and geriatric populations are due to various neurological impairments, oral hygiene, altered functioning of muscles due to aging, systemic diseases, and unrecognized poor breathing habits etc.

Are you concerned about the sleep patterns of someone in your family?

Take the SDIS Assessment (usually $12.50 however, free through this website) to determine whether or not further help may be needed.
Free Sleep Screener

These children are attempting to compensate for the internal, emotional struggles that are not apparent to the conscious mind. Only the subconscious mind knows the truth. If we could hook kids up to a lie detector test and tap into the part of them that is responsible for their behavior, wouldn’t every parent or teacher want that information?

If you have answered, yes, to any these questions then you are in the right place.


This website is a resource for answers and hope because I can identify the root of your child’s problems by finding and removing underlying, unprocessed negative emotional events. This helps children regain balance of their thought patterns and therefore creates a more ideal chance for them to heal physically and prepare them for Myofunctional therapy.

How do I do this? I use techniques the help release negative emotional feelings, issues, hang-ups and baggage. These techniques work to identify and release trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from the past. Since trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the tissues.

Now when Myofunctional Therapy is introduced, the child’s body is more receptive to moving toward healing rather than competing with old trapped emotions that may have been preventing the lips, jaw and tongue to properly function.

Releasing trapped negative emotions helps to create more ideal conditions for the body to heal physically and allow for the body to benefit from new positive therapies that help the body function easier.

Our approach to Oral Health and ideal breathing involves an evaluation of the airway.  Our clients find us because their child (and sometimes themselves) needs help to achieve:


We Save Lives By Early Recognition Of Airway Issues

We Love BEARS...

B= Breathing Behaviors

E= Exercising Facial Muscles

A= Airway Health

R= Resting Posture of Lips and Tongue

S= Snoring and Sleep

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